New Nordic Brand House is a fashion group with HQ North from Copenhagen and offices in Kolding and Copenhagen. New Nordic Brand House owns three brands in Signal, co’couture and Blanche. Signal offers casual menswear and the two others trendy womenswear.

On each brand the focus is on creating a meaningful business strategy from the supplier to the end consumer. The mission of New Nordic Brand House is not to design a collection to a limited target group, but instead to create exciting collections, that are addressed to a specific type of person.


Our new premium brand Blanche were started, and the company name were changed to New Nordic Brand House A/S.

In 2015 a new brand was started under the name Co’couture. At the same time, we opened a nice office in Kolding.


In 2009 the Signal brand was acquired by the management of the company together with a group of private investors and in the end of 2009 the company moved from Gilleleje to it’s own new premise in Kvistgård close to Copenhagen.

The brand name Buksesnedkeren were changed to Signal.


Buksesnedkeren expanded and started to produce trousers and leisurewear for women.


Buksesnedkeren moved from Copenhagen to a factory in Gilleleje in Denmark


The Company is founded by Jens Knud Lind Hansen under the name “Buksesnedkeren” and did produce trousers and leisurewear for men.


Patrick Lepke


Phone: +45 30 34 34 36
E-mail: ple@nn-brandhouse.com