New Nordic Brand House

New Nordic Brand House is a Danish fashion group that offers clothes for both men and women. The portfolio of brands consists of Signal, co’couture and Blanche, which all focus on sales to our wholesale customers.
At New Nordic Brand House, we work every day to offer the best for our customers, despite the different target groups.


In New Nordic Brand House, we work with some general goal for CSR in the entire group, which all suppliers and partners must accept. The Group’s top management ensures the anchoring of the responsibility policy in the overall decisions of the company.

In addition to the overall CSR goal, all brands have their own detailed CSR strategy, which supports the overall guidelines.


New Nordic Brand House strives to run a profitable business based on customer needs on a sustainable basis.

The Group’s Corporate Responsibility policy is based on the 17 Sustainable world Development Goals. In relation to this, we work with the areas of human rights, labor rights, the environmental impact of production and circular economy.

This focus has resulted in receiving the Nordic Ecolabel on several products at Blanche from spring 2021.